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My mission is to help you look and feel better
using natural healing techniques.

Kristen Williams - Certified Advanced Rolfer, Deep Tissue Therapy and ReflexologyI am a Certified Advanced Rolfer and a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist now practicing in Madison WI. In practicing Complementary Healing since 1995, I have found that a holistic approach is most effective in achieving true success and improved wellness. Combining different therapies often improves the quality of results for an individual because each person is unique and responds best to therapies suited to their particular body make-up and needs. In order to be able to tailor each person’s experience, I have furthered my training and understanding in multiple healing touch techniques such as Advanced Rolfing, Deep Tissue Massage, Cranio Sacral therapy, energy healing with Reiki, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology, Ayurvedic healing, Lypossage, Shiatsu and Bio-feedback. My central focus remains firmly rooted in Rolfing and Deep Tissue Massage… the connectivity of the physical and emotional elements, intereacting and layering themselves on us, can truly be addressed with therapies centered around the release of those layers back to their natural state.

When we experience wellness, we carry ourselves differently,  we look and feel healthy… and our outlook takes on a whole new perspective. Isn’t that a great way to be?

Naples Rolfing is now located in Madison WI. For more information please Contact Me Here.
Certified Advanced Rolfer & Nationally Licensed Deep Tissue Massage


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  1. Here in Fl. we may have sunny, warm winters, but, you guys in WI. now have Kristen full time. I have been rolfed by more than a couple rolfers since my first sessions in GA. in 1976. I went to Kristen because she has advanced training and, I had completed advanced rolfing sessions, (which I highly suggest when you finish your basic set of rolfing sessions) many years ago. I was feeling like my body was leaning away from my center of balance. Kristen went for my feet. An experience I never liked. Whole different session with Kristen. She was gentle, got right into the tissue without my experiencing discomfort. For the first time in my life my ankles are not rolling inward. I feel rooted, and once again, balanced. Kristen is an accomplished, intuitive rolfer. I highly recommend her.

  2. I had foot pain for 2 years. I went to many doctors and chiropractors to alleviate the pain, to no avail. One chiropractor recommended Kristen. After 4 sessions, my pain was gone, but I kept going for a number of sessions because of what I learned from Kristen.
    Her expertise and kindness is beyond reproach.

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