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Rolfing, Deep Tissue Therapy, ReflexologyThank you for wanting to learn more about how Naples Rolfing can help you. I’m excited to be now located in Madison WI and look forward to working with you. I am Certified in Advanced Rolfing and a Nationally Licensed Deep Tissue Massage Therapist with 15 years experience working with clients to achieve their goals. Whether it’s severe back pain, knee pain relief or you simply need a healing touch with energy healing like Reiki or a session of foot reflexology… I will customize a program to get you looking and feeling better everyday.

Some time ago, I started experimenting with different combinations of styles to complement the primary Rolfing series and to really allow customized treatment plans designed to address specific symptoms and to be supportive of your individual personal needs. While Rolfing remains the core focus for most of my clients, each year I search for different techniques to provide the best possible treatment plan for you, my client. Typically, we’ll start with a Rolfing series, but there are occasions when using a technique such as Rossiter, for severe pain needing immediate relief, or reflexology for the hands or feet may be an appropriate starting point – determining the approach is something we do  at your initial consultation when you tell me about yourself your goals and if you’re in need of any specific pain relief. For more information, use the simple form below and contact me to set up a time when we can talk.

Below, just above my contact form, is a short Rolfing demonstration filmed at the Harvard Medical School at the 2007 Fascia Congress. I think you will enjoy it.

Naples Rolfing – Certified Advanced Rolfing and Nationally Licensed Deep Tissue Massage Therapy now in Madison Wisconsin


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