Rossiter System Immediate Pain Relief

Kristen Williams - Certified Advanced RolferThe Rossiter system was designed by Richard Rossiter who trained in Rolfing and had a very sharp focus on pain management. Over time, he developed a set of active stretching techniques specifically intended to provide near term relief from painful trauma, overuse or any other type of damage to the body. Some pain points that respond well to Rossiter are shoulders, lower back, arms, elbows, wrists, knees – any joints or nearby areas that interact with joints can become inflamed or traumatized, causing the connective tissue to shorten up, limiting circulation and causing an imbalance in mobility. The active stretching loosens up those connective tissues restoring circulation, increasing mobility resulting in pain relief and increased range of motion.

The system, which has its roots in Rolfing, adds the concept of intensity and active participation to therapy. Rolfing is a more holistic, longer term treatment where the body is sequentially set up to be in balance as a system. Rossiter addresses pain management issues immediately, also perhaps more locally, and pushes the envelope of the body to achieve results. A major shift from Rolfing to Rossiter is the Client’s active participation in stretching and in determining the level of intensity of the stretch – it is this difference that multiplies the immediate effect of Rossiter compared to Rolfing. There are 3 key components of this system: the most important is the Client, referred to as the person in charge – this is an important aspect as it is the Client who determines how far to push that envelope; the therapist, known as the Coach – this reflects a fundamental philosophy that the therapist is there to guide the Client through a process; finally, the secret ingredient, teamwork – the Coach determines how best to position the Client for success and the Client actively works to achieve that success.

Rossiter is an extremely effective technique for pain relief and periodic sessions can keep your joints loose and flexible, helping you feel better and reducing the chances of injuring yourself. I will typically recommend this treatment as a precursor to something like a Rolfing 10 Series if the pain is caused by patterned habits. The combination of the two has demonstrated highly beneficial results in pain management to most of my Clients.

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Pain Management with Richard Rossiter



Rossiter System Immediate Pain Relief — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,
    I trained with you at Bunn-O-Matic in the 90’s. I got plantar faciatis from wearing the skecher shape-ups…I think and now I can barely walk. I have arthritis (gout) in my left large toe and I want to know what I can do to fix my foot.
    Thanks, Candace

  2. Hi Candace
    You can get in touch with Richard at the Rossiter System. Gout really needs to be addressed by your practitioner and perhaps some changes in how much water you drink each day. I can’t give medical advice but would recommend you talk to your medical practitioner.
    ~ Kristen Williams ~

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